COVID-19 River Access Resources

Upper Grand River Tailwater 2020 Trout Opener and Key Access Points Information – April 17th Update 

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented and challenging times. We also know that many of you have questions related to the impact the COVID-19 situation may have on your spring fishing pursuits on The Upper Grand River.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We would remind people that the County, Province, and Country are under a State of Emergency.  People should follow the Public Health Protocols of staying at home and only going out if necessary, and observing physical distancing if they do go out.

Is trout season opening as planned April 25, 2020?

As of April 18, 2020 the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) has not made any decisions to restrict, delay or cancel provincial fishing and hunting seasons or restrict access to Crown land.  However, some municipalities and Conservation Authorities have already restricted access to their lands and many retailers that usually offer fishing and hunting licences are no longer open to the public.

If trout season is open, are the trails and parks open to access the river?

With all of the conversations and speculation out there, we at Friends of the Grand River have compiled information to help clarify the river access situation.  Below we have identified each access points and the property owner with a link to their updated COVID-19 guidance.  We have determined that due to the rapidly changing regulations, it is not in anyone’s best interest to tell you what access is open or closed.  We can however provide some clarity on where to look for yourself.

 Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA)

Key river access points:

Belwood Lake Conservation Area

Elora Gorge Park Conservation Area

Blondie’s Access (Hwy 21)

Pilkington Access (Hwy 21)


 Wellington County

Key river access points:

Musselman’s Access (Hwy 21)

Cedar Run (Wellington Road 18)

Hydro Lines (Wellington Road 18)

Train Trestle Bridge (Wellington Road 18)

Wellington County COVID-19 Guidance: HERE

 Township of Centre Wellington

Key river access points:

Scotland Street (Scotland Street Bridge)

Angelica (Angelica Street)

Can Roberts (Can Roberts Street)

Wilsons Flats (8 Line W)

Second Line Bridge Access

Pierpoint (Tombstone)

Bissell Dam Access (Elora)

Centre Wellington COVID-19 Guidance: HERE

 Thank you for your continued support.  Please note that the use of this resource will be monitored by authorities and if public health guidance is not followed the accessibility to the river can and will change quickly.

2020 Trail Availability April 17 2020 Update – COVID-19

Access Point Map

Explore our interactive Access Point Map by clicking on the access points below to learn more about them.