Access Point Map

Explore our interactive Access Point Map by clicking on the access points to learn more about them.

Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA)

Key river access points:

Belwood Lake Conservation Area

Elora Gorge Park Conservation Area

Blondie’s Access (Hwy 21) – FOGR managed

Pilkington Access (Hwy 21)

Wellington County

Key river access points:

Musselman’s Access (Hwy 21) – FOGR managed

Cedar Run (Wellington Road 18) – FOGR managed

Hydro Lines (Wellington Road 18) – FOGR managed

Train Trestle Bridge (Wellington Road 18)

Township of Centre Wellington

Key river access points:

Scotland Street (Scotland Street Bridge)

Angelica (Angelica Street) – FOGR managed

Can Roberts (Can Roberts Street) – FOGR managed

Wilsons Flats (8 Line W)

Second Line Bridge Access – FOGR managed

Pierpoint (Tombstone) – FOGR managed

Bissell Dam Access (Elora)