June 11th – 2023 Annual General Meeting

Join us at the Fergus Grand Theatre on June 11th for our annual general meeting. This meeting will take place from 11:30AM – 12:15PM and will provide members (and non members) the opportunity to learn more about the organization’s work. This meeting will include a 2022 review/2023 outlook, review of 2022 financials and the nomination and election of new board members. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about our organization, ask questions and learn how you can engage in our work!

Between the AGM and the film event detailed below we will also be conducting a fundraising raffle that could net you some amazing prizes such as a drift boat trip, fishing apparel, loaded fly boxes and more!

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June 11th – International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4)

Join us at the Fergus Grand Theatre on June 11th for an airing of the the IF4!


At the core of fly-fishing is the pursuit of wild spaces and peaceful places. It is in these spaces where fish seem most willing, the water appears in its purest form and our community connects. It is in these places where the world’s best fly-fishing films come to life. The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4), the world’s leading fly-fishing film event, is a curated collection of these stunning stories.

A premium collection of fly-fishing films.

Among the films in the festival are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Damsel, with oversized tiger trout, a prolific damsel fly hatch, and an obscure mountain lake; Of the Sea, brothers explore the elusive Banco Chinchorro off the coast of Xcalak; Jacks, giant trevally attacking from deep ocean water; Father Nature, a guided trip on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park; A Slam that Saves, four species of bass found only in the Appalachians; and Dollar Dog, Atlantic salmon in Cape Breton’s Margaree River. Others include The Focus, a story of three anglers who revisit a remote mountain stream; Chesapeake–A Love Letter to a Watershed, the landscapes and environments of a special place; and Gold Fever, undiscovered water in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

Fundraising Raffle

Come early to the event to get your tickets for our fundraising raffle. Prizes include a drift boat trip with “The New Fly Fisher” host, Rob Heal; Limited edition print from Al Hassel of the Grand River; Fly boxes filled with the top flies for The Grand River and more!

About Us

The Friends of the Grand River is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1995. The organization is made up of volunteer members, with an elected board of directors. The funding for projects is raised through membership fees, donations, sponsorship and fund raising events. Our core programs involve fish stocking, trail maintenance, garbage cleanup, tree planting and stream restoration projects

2022 Highlights


Contractor-sized Bags of Garbage Removed


Trees & Shrubs Planted


Fish Stocked


Volunter Hours Donated

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Being a member of FOGR not only makes you privy to key information about the watershed, you also belong to a community of citizens that value the Grand River Tailwater for its natural beauty, historical river designation, fishery and recreational usage. It’s not only the financial support that matters but the everyday contribution to maintaining this special resource. Many hands makes light work!