We need some help this Saturday (March 26) if you are available!The snow has finally melted and the frost is quickly retreating so we are hoping to kick off our volunteer work year. FOGR is looking for up to 10 or so volunteers to help with a bank stabilization project on Carrol Creek and at Pier Point. The day is two phases, we need to cut dogwood and willow stakes from the Pier Point area and then transport them to an identified section on Carrol Creek (on Middlebrook road) that has experienced some erosion and can use some shading for temperature control.

Please check out this video produced by Penn State University on the method of live staking.https://extension.psu.edu/live-staking-a-how-to-guide

Details for Saturday:
– Meet at Pier Point parking lot 9AM (Anderson street and Lamond street in Fergus)

– Dress to get very dirty!

– Bring work gloves and rubber boots (or waders of course)

– If you are able to bring along a set of pruning shears and/or loppers that would also be very beneficial

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP PLEASE CONTACT – Colin Adema, Project lead at colin.r.adema@gmail.com